Solid State Devices

21. A large signal amplifier which is biased so that collector current flow continuously during the complete electrical cycle of the signal as well as when no signal is present

  1. Class A
  2. Class B
  3. Class AB
  4. Class C

Correct answer: (A)
Class A

22. A large signal amplifier which is biased so that current is non zero for less than one-half cycle.

  1. Class AB
  2. Class C
  3. Class A
  4. Class B

Correct answer: (B)
Class C

23. A lightly doped semiconductor has

  1. Low resistance
  2. High resistance
  3. No effect on a semiconductor
  4. More heat dissipated behaviors

Correct answer: (B)
High resistance

24. A manufacturer quotes in his specifications that a germanium diode conducts 50 mA at 1 volt. Determine the bulk resistance.

  1. 100 ohms
  2. 60 ohms
  3. 14 ohms
  4. 20 ohms

Correct answer: (C)
14 ohms

25. A measure of the ability of an LED to produce the desired number of lumens generated per applied watt of electrical energy.

  1. Luminous intensity
  2. Luminous efficiency
  3. Luminous efficacy
  4. Luminous ability

Correct answer: (C)
Luminous efficacy

26. A mechanism for carrier motion in semiconductors which occurs when an electric field is applied across a piece of silicon

  1. Carrier diffusion
  2. Carrier drift
  3. Recombination
  4. Diffusivity

Correct answer: (B)
Carrier drift

27. A method of connecting amplifiers in cascade

  1. Configuration
  2. Coupling
  3. Link
  4. Stages

Correct answer: (B)

28. A microwave diode in which the carriers that transverse the drift region are generated by minority carrier injection from a forward-biased junction instead of being extracted from the plasma of an avalanche region.

  3. BARITT diode
  4. Esaki diode

Correct answer: (C)
BARITT diode

29. A MOSFET is sometimes called _________ FET

  1. Open gate
  2. Shorted gate
  3. Metallic gate
  4. Insulated gate

Correct answer: (D)
Insulated gate

30. A multiple-terminal solid-state device similar to a transistor that generates frequencies up to about 10000 MHz by injecting electrons or holes into a space-charge layer which rapidly forces these carriers to a collecting electrode.

  1. Magnetron
  3. Klystron
  4. Spacistor

Correct answer: (D)

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