Solid State Devices

11. A coupled amplifier which has the major advantage of permitting power to be transported from the relatively high output impedance of the first stage to the relative low input impedance of the second stage.

  1. RC coupling
  2. Transformer coupling
  3. Direct coupling
  4. Stabilized coupling

Correct answer: (B)
Transformer coupling

12. A datasheet gives these JFET values; IDSS = 20 mA and pinch-off voltage is 5 volts. What is the gate-source cut-off voltage?

  1. 15 volts
  2. 10 volts
  3. -5 volts
  4. 5 volts

Correct answer: (C)
-5 volts

13. A diode is a nonlinear device because

  1. It produces a nonlinear graph
  2. Its current is not directly proportional to its voltage
  3. It has a built-in barrier potential
  4. It can rectify alternating current

Correct answer: (B)
Its current is not directly proportional to its voltage

14. A diode modeling circuit which considers the threshold voltage, average resistance and switch as the diode's equivalent circuit.

  1. Ideal model
  2. Simplified model
  3. Piecewise linear model
  4. Real model

Correct answer: (C)
Piecewise linear model

15. A diode that has a negative resistance region and widely used in the design of oscillators, switching networks and pulse generators.

  1. Hot-carrier diode
  2. Tunnel diode
  3. LED
  4. Schottky diode

Correct answer: (B)
Tunnel diode

16. A FET without a channel and no current occurs with zero gate voltage is

  1. Enhancement-mode FET
  2. Depletion-mode FET
  3. CMOS
  4. Metal-oxide transistor

Correct answer: (A)
Enhancement-mode FET

17. A full-wave signal has a period of

  1. 16.7 µs
  2. 8.3 µs
  3. 8.3 ms
  4. 16.7 ms

Correct answer: (C)
8.3 ms

18. A graphical representation in transistor wherein the emitter current is plotted against the variable emitter base voltage VEB for constant value of collector-base voltage VCB.

  1. Static curve
  2. Input characteristic curve
  3. Output characteristic curve
  4. Semilog curve

Correct answer: (B)
Input characteristic curve

19. A half-wave signal has a period of

  1. 16.7 ms
  2. 8.3 ms
  3. 16.7 µs
  4. 8.3 µs

Correct answer: (A)
16.7 ms

20. A heavily doped semiconductor has

  1. High resistance
  2. No effect on the semiconductor characteristics
  3. More heat dissipation
  4. Low resistance

Correct answer: (D)
Low resistance

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