Power Generator

1. A ___________ is a group of cells that generates electric energy from their internal chemical reaction

  1. battery
  2. regulator
  3. power supply
  4. solar energy

Correct answer: (A)

2. A 12v battery is rated at 48ah. If it must deliver an average of 2.0a, how long will the battery lat before it needs recharging

  1. 48hrs
  2. 4hrs
  3. 96hrs
  4. 24hrs

Correct answer: (D)

3. A 4 pole dc machine has magnetic circuits

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 8
  4. 6

Correct answer: (B)

4. A commutatively compounded motor does not run at dangerous speed at light loads because of the presence of

  1. shunt winding
  2. interpoles
  3. series
  4. compensating windings

Correct answer: (A)
shunt winding

5. a constant voltage source has

  1. High internal resistance
  2. minimum efficiency
  3. minimum current capacity
  4. low internal resistance

Correct answer: (D)
low internal resistance

6. A dc compound generator having full load terminal voltage equal to the no load generator voltage is called generator

  1. under compounded
  2. flat compounded
  3. over compounded
  4. un compounded

Correct answer: (B)
flat compounded

7. A dc motor is still used in industrial applications because it

  1. is cheap
  2. provides fine speed control
  3. is simple in construction
  4. has no replacement

Correct answer: (B)
provides fine speed control

8. A dc series motor is most suitable for

  1. cranes
  2. lathes
  3. pump
  4. punch presses

Correct answer: (A)

9. A galvanic cell resulting from difference in potential between adjacent on the surface of a metal immersed in an electrolyte

  1. NiCd cell
  2. lead acid cell
  3. local cell
  4. lithium cell

Correct answer: (C)
local cell

10. A graphical relation between the generated emf and the field current of a machine

  1. current generation curve
  2. voltage generation curve
  3. voltage current curve
  4. magnetization curve

Correct answer: (D)
magnetization curve

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