Micro Electronics

1. Monolithic ICs are

  1. Forms of discrete circuits
  2. Combination of thin-film and thick-film circuits
  3. Also called hybrid ICs
  4. Used for high power application

Correct answer: (A)
Forms of discrete circuits

2. A base circuit that a designer can modify to get more advanced circuits

  1. Experimental
  2. Prototype
  3. Peak detector
  4. Loading

Correct answer: (B)

3. A capacitor inside an op-amp that prevents oscillations

  1. Compensating capacitor
  2. Limiting capacitor
  3. Biasing capacitor
  4. Coupling capacitor

Correct answer: (A)
Compensating capacitor

4. A circuit whose components are soldered or otherwise connected mechanically

  1. Discrete circuit
  2. Non discrete circuit
  3. Biasing circuit
  4. Integrated circuit

Correct answer: (A)
Discrete circuit

5. A device that contains its own transistors, resistors and diodes

  1. Integrated circuit
  2. CMOS
  3. Logic gates
  4. All of the above

Correct answer: (A)
Integrated circuit

6. A mass of metal attached to the case of a transistor to allow the heat to escape more easily.

  1. Flag
  2. Heat sink
  3. Op-amp
  4. Photodiode

Correct answer: (B)
Heat sink

7. A signal that is applied with equal strength to both inputs of a differential amplifier or an op-amp.

  1. Common-emitter circuit
  2. Common-ration signal
  3. CMRR
  4. Common mode signal

Correct answer: (D)
Common mode signal

8. A technique used to eliminate the need for inductive elements in monolithic integrated circuits.

  1. Projection printing
  2. Photolithographic
  3. LC synthesis
  4. RC synthesis

Correct answer: (D)
RC synthesis

9. A type of ground that appears at the inverting input of an op-amp that uses negative feedback.

  1. Earth ground
  2. Equipment ground
  3. True ground
  4. Virtual ground

Correct answer: (D)
Virtual ground

10. After assembly, the ICs are tested and classified as either

  1. Military
  2. Industrial
  3. Military or industrial
  4. Military and industrial

Correct answer: (D)
Military and industrial

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