Electronic Circuits

1. A buffer amplifier is used for

  1. Maximum loading and minimum mismatch
  2. Minimum loading and minimum mismatch
  3. Maximum loading and maximum mismatch
  4. Minimum loading and maximum mismatch

Correct answer: (B)
Minimum loading and minimum mismatch

2. A class A power amplifier is otherwise known as

  1. Single ended amplifier
  2. Darlington amplifier
  3. Symmetrical amplifier
  4. Differential amplifier

Correct answer: (A)
Single ended amplifier

3. A class A power amplifier uses _________ transistor(s).

  1. Two
  2. One
  3. Three
  4. Four

Correct answer: (B)

4. A common emitter circuit is also called _________ circuit.

  1. Grounded emitter
  2. Grounded collector
  3. Grounded base
  4. Emitter follower

Correct answer: (A)
Grounded emitter

5. A complementary-symmetry amplifier has

  1. One PNP and one NPN transistor
  2. Two PNP transistors
  3. Two NPN transistors
  4. Two PNP and two NPN transistors

Correct answer: (A)
One PNP and one NPN transistor

6. A dc voltage supply provides 60V when the output is unloaded. When connected to a load the output drops to 56V. Calculate the value of the voltage regulation.

  1. 8.1%
  2. 7.1%
  3. 5%
  4. 12%

Correct answer: (B)

7. A feedback circuit is _________ frequency

  1. Independent of
  2. Strongly dependent on
  3. Moderately dependent on
  4. Relatively dependent on

Correct answer: (A)
Independent of

8. A multistage amplifier uses at least how many transistors?

  1. One
  2. Three
  3. Four
  4. Two

Correct answer: (D)

9. A pair of filter common on high fidelity system which separate audio frequency band signals into two separate groups, where one is fed to the tweeter and the other to the woofer is called

  1. Equalizer
  2. Synthesizer
  3. Cross over network
  4. Hybrid

Correct answer: (C)
Cross over network

10. A pulsating dc applied to power amplifiers causes

  1. Burning of transistor
  2. Hum in the circuit
  3. Excessive forward voltage
  4. Excessive reverse voltage

Correct answer: (B)
Hum in the circuit

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