RCC Structures Design

11. A pre-cast pile generally used, is

  1. Circular
  2. Square
  3. Octagonal
  4. Square with corners chamfered

Correct answer: (D)
Square with corners chamfered

12. A pre-stressed concrete member

  1. Is made of concrete
  2. Is made of reinforced concrete
  3. Is stressed after casting
  4. Possesses internal stresses

Correct answer: (D)
Possesses internal stresses

13. A pre-stressed concrete member is preferred because

  1. Its dimensions are not decided from the diagonal tensile stress
  2. Large size of long beams carrying large shear force need not be adopted
  3. Removal of cracks in the members due to shrinkage
  4. All the above

Correct answer: (D)
All the above

14. A pre-stressed rectangular beam which carries two concentrated loads W at L/3 from either end, is provided with a bent tendon with tension P such that central one-third portion of the tendon remains parallel to the longitudinal axis, the maximum dip h is

  1. WL/P
  2. WL/2P
  3. WL/3P
  4. WL/4P

Correct answer: (C)

15. A raft foundation is provided if its area exceeds the plan area of the building by

  1. 10 %
  2. 20 %
  3. 40 %
  4. 50 %

Correct answer: (D)
50 %

16. A reinforced concrete cantilever beam is 3.6 m long, 25 cm wide and has its lever arm 40 cm. It carries a load of 1200 kg at its free end and vertical stirrups can carry 1800 kg. Assuming concrete to carry one-third of the diagonal tension and ignoring the weight of the beam, the number of shear stirrups required, is

  1. 30
  2. 35
  3. 40
  4. 45

Correct answer: (C)

17. A ribbed slab is provided for

  1. A plain ceiling
  2. Thermal insulation
  3. Acoustic insulation
  4. All the above

Correct answer: (D)
All the above

18. A short column 20 cm × 20 cm in section is reinforced with 4 bars whose area of cross section is 20 sq. cm. If permissible compressive stresses in concrete and steel are 40 kg/cm2 and 300 kg/cm2, the Safe load on the column, should not exceed

  1. 4120 kg
  2. 41,200 kg
  3. 412,000 kg
  4. None of these

Correct answer: (B)
41,200 kg

19. A simply supported beam 6 m long and of effective depth 50 cm, carries a uniformly distributed load 2400 kg/m including its self weight. If the lever arm factor is 0.85 and permissible tensile stress of steel is 1400 kg/cm2, the area of steel required, is

  1. 14 cm2
  2. 15 cm2
  3. 16 cm2
  4. 17 cm2

Correct answer: (C)
16 cm2

20. A singly reinforced beam has breadth b, effective depth d, depth of neutral axis n and critical neutral axis n1. If fc and ft are permissible compressive and tensile stresses, the moment to resistance of the beam, is

  1. bn (fc/2) (d - n/3)
  2. Atft (d - n/3)
  3. ½ n1 (1 - n1/3) cbd2
  4. All the above

Correct answer: (D)
All the above

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